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How to Choose an Engagement Ring With the proposal to the person to whom you will be united in marriage, it is a common tradition to give an engagement ring. It symbolizes man’s pledge to all who sees that girl wearing it – that she is already taken for marriage. Traditionally, the engagement ring is worn on the third finger of the left hand, and when the woman is married, it stays above the wedding ring on the fourth finger. Men usually has trouble finding the right engagement ring to give to his lady. There are so many things you need to think before you buy them and there are a number of options for style and a whole lot more. But the decisive point of the final choice is always gleaned on how much your budget is and then from there, the rest of those other things would follow. Apportioning your budget when you buy an engagement ring is the first important step. There are three components that need to be considered and these have varying treatments and values. The cut, the carat and the precious metal used to mount the gem are its three components. When we take about the cut of stone, most people confuse is with how the stone is shaped like an oval, pear, princess, and others. The cut is accurately defined as its symmetry, proportion, and polish. The term carat and karat mean different things when it refers to measuring diamond or precious gems. Carats are measurements of weights, similar to ounces and grams – the bigger the carat the heavier and 1 carat diamond is equivalent to 0.007 ounces. Karat, however, is used to measure the purity of the gold metal. A karat is a measurement of 1/24 of the mass of the stone, so pure gold is said to be 24 karats. If you have 18/24 of gold, then you have an 18 karat gold, but the 6/24 of it is made of other metals that has been mixed with gold. Using other gemstone rings for an engagement ring is still acceptable instead of the traditional diamond rings. Diamond and gemstones are clearer and have more sparkle if they are smaller in size compared to the larger and less clear ones.
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Style, or the ring design, is another important consideration. Among the popular styles are the solitaire or a ring with a single precious stone, and the vintage or the single precious stone with heirloom-inspired metal engravings. Some style includes single precious stone with accent stones around the band and etc. The split shank is another type of engagement ring where the shank is pulled apart like bands arranged in different ways to give it a more sophisticated look.
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Or you might want to go for Antique rings or rings which are generally more than 100-year-old. It is also perfect to get a 20 years old vintage engagement ring from any period.